Path To Clean Energy Future - End Polluter Handouts

We know 1.4 billion ways to build a path to a just and sustainable future.

Right now, Canada gives out upwards of $1.4 billion in subsidies to fossil fuel corporations - some of the wealthiest and most carbon intensive corporations on the planet.

At the same time, youth are facing the highest unemployment rate that our generation has ever seen. The cost of post secondary education is rising, and essential services, environmental protections and more are being cut in order to save money.

Something is wrong with this picture. 

There may not be one billion reasons that we should end subsidies, but we know that there is a better way to spend $1.4 billion. We can create green jobs, ensure that all youth have accessible education, ensure clean air and water across Canada, invest in health care, and so much more.

On June 7th, PowerShift presented the following motion to the All Party Climate Change Caucus on Parliament hill and will be mobilizing over the next few months to see it passed and end subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.

Charting a Path to a Clean Energy Future

A Motion to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Canada

Whereas the Canadian Government subsidizes oil production through annual direct and indirect transfer of funds and liabilities or foregone government revenue, equaling approximately $1.4 billion,

Whereas the oil industry is making record profits and the largest companies made more than $140 billion in 2011,

Whereas foreign entities derive more than half of Canada’s oil revenue and are therefore benefiting from Canadian natural resources on the backs of Canadian taxpayers,

Whereas these government funds could be invested in improving the lives of Canadians through energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy expansion, freshwater protection, public transit, sustainable agriculture, post-secondary education, and meeting our international commitments to developing countries under the Copenhagen Accord,

Whereas the Canadian government is internationally committed to phasing out fossil fuels subsidies, but has not delivered enough,

Whereas the international community agrees that fossil fuel subsidies “encourage wasteful consumption, reduce our energy security, impede investment in clean energy sources and undermine efforts to deal with the threat of climate change”,

Whereas the International Energy Agency says that eliminating fossil fuel subsidies is a step in the right direction to limiting global warming.

Whereas Canadian emissions will be 2 per cent higher in 2020 with subsidies in place,

Powershift Canada proposes:

That the House agree that the Government of Canada must honour the Prime Minister’s promise made at the G-20 summit of 2009 and eliminate all federal subsidies to oil production, equalling approximately $1.4 billion in annual direct and indirect transfer of funds and liabilities or foregone government revenue.

That the house further agree that the Government of Canada must immediately begin to (a) eliminate the Canadian Development Expense, (b) eliminate the Canadian Exploration Expense,

That a special committee of the house be appointed and directed to review all other federal subsidies to fossil fuel production

If you have questions, comments or would like to follow up to work with PowerShift and youth across Canada to move this motion forward, please contact Cameron Fenton at

By: Power Shift 2012