Kitchen Table Climate Conversations


Dear supporters of climate action,

We are writing to invite you to be part of a project that will take place over this summer and fall of involving as many people in Ontario to be part of ‘kitchen table climate conversations’.

We are basing this project on the need to increase the understanding that the wider community needs to have of the climate emergency we are in, and of the steps that can be taken to respond to this crisis with both personal and political change.

We want to set these conversations up in a small group format involving friends, relatives, neighbours together with the time to share hopes and concerns, and consider possible steps forward.

We are basing this program on a successful program in Quebec and on the research that we are aware of showing that change takes place in group discussion especially in a situation with trusted communicators (which includes peers).

We aim to keep the presentation of the crisis through charts and photos to about 15 minutes and to use most of the time in an approximately 2 hour session for guided discussion.

Would you like to be part of this initiative? Our hope is to have 1000 kitchen table conversations take place over this summer and early fall, all across Ontario. We can only make this happen if we are able to involve at least 100 people as hosts, resource people and/or facilitators. You are needed!

To launch this campaign we have set up a training day on Saturday June 22nd, from 9:30 (registration) and program from 10 - 4, at Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave., Toronto.

You are invited to become involved if you would like to host one or more of the sessions, and/or if you would be willing to be a facilitator for five sessions or more over a three-four month period.

The program is being put together by members of ClimateFast and the GTHA Climate Hub. The approach is based on popular education methods and we will have trainers lead sessions in the skills to help guide what can be a difficult conversation.

We know that action is urgently needed. We will build on the information that is in the IPCC report. Their timeline says that we need a 45% reduction in fossil fuel use within 11 years (by 2030). We want to bridge the gap between that information and the action required to get there. This is not something we can tackle as individuals, although there are also individual steps we can take to make a difference. We also can act as communities, and with the needed policies and supports at the government level, we can achieve this - but it will take the wider community, not just a small group of engaged citizens - to get there.

We hope to see you on June 22nd! For more information and to register please go to:

Cost $20 or pwyc, donations welcome for travel fund, we welcome people from all across Ontario and we can offer overnight billets on June 21st for those travelling. Lunch is included and all materials will be provided. We are exploring childcare options so if this would help you get to the training please email us. For pwyc tickets and other questions, or if you can help volunteer on the day, please email

Lyn Adamson and Nadia Jethoo (416-731-6605 - Lyn)