Kitchen Table Climate Conversations


We invite you to be part of a project that will take place over the summer and fall of 2019, involving as many people in Ontario as possible, in ‘kitchen table climate conversations’. 

Our inaugural Kitchen Table Climate Conversation (KTCC) training day was held on June 22nd in Toronto. More than 70 participants from across Southern Ontario were trained in facilitation and communications skills for discussing the climate emergency, as well as tips for handling eco-anxiety.  These skills, coupled with key science visuals and information on health risks associated with the climate crisis, have readied us to hold conversations and face the climate challenge head on.

We desperately need to increase the understanding of the climate emergency across our province, but also the positive future that is possible as we work together. We suggest that an ideal "conversation" communicates the crisis clearly, but leaves the bulk of the time to discuss potential actions and solutions. Kitchen Table Climate Conversations are a means to inform our friends, neighbours and co-workers, and to galvanize them to take on personal and political change to turn this emergency around. Join us! 

Research shows that change takes place in group discussions, especially those with a trusted communicator.  We encourage you to set up these "conversations" for small groups of friends, relatives, and neighbours to share hopes and concerns, and consider steps forward to meet the climate challenge.

The KTCC toolkit, including a "Timed Agenda for Facilitators," is posted on this page for you to use if you'd like, and will be regularly updated.  We hope to track these conversations with the goal of at least 1000 climate conversations this summer and fall.  We can only make this happen if at least 100 people participate as hosts, resource people and/or facilitators.  You are needed!

We encourage everyone in Ontario to be part of this initiative.  If you want to have your conversations included in a province wide map please, sign up on this form.  We will soon have a map online to post where the conversations are happening.  Whether you want to be mapped or not, we are here to support you in whatever way we can, and ask that you contact us for tips, moral support, or anything else you may need for your KTCC.

The climate crisis is an emergency that needs immediate action.  With the appropriate policies and supports at the government level, we can achieve this.  But, it will take the wider community - not just a small group of engaged citizens - to get there.

Let us know if you would like to be involved.  We are considering additional training with experienced climate activists and facilitators, so let us know if that interests you.  Or use the materials provided on this website and keep in touch.  We welcome your feedback.  We are also here with support for your questions, outreach, or any challenges you anticipate or encounter. Let us know how your conversations went by sending us a quick email at or filling out this input form.

Lyn Adamson,, 416-731-6605

Nadia Jethoo,, (905) 903-3043

First Kitchen Table Climate Conversation