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The NDP will be introducing a motion on climate emergency at Queen’s Park Monday afternoon. It’s important to pack the gallery to send the message CLIMATE CRISIS REQUIRES EMERGENCY RESPONSE - 1:00 PM MONDAY MAY 13TH. Gather at 12 noon to meet up with others in advance - at the statue on the south lawn.

UK, Ireland & 500 cities have declared a Climate EmergencyBut Ford’s message today is ‘carbon ‘tax’ will cost you 5 cents a litre’ - he is using our tax money for these ads, launched today. Our message is ‘Climate inaction will cost us much more’ Climate action will cost us the future, will cost us the earth, will cost our children… this is the message.

ClimateFast will be presenting a petition of your signatures - 1044 signatures - to be tabled by opposition MPPs in the House - so be there to see this happen!

Wear black as a colour of mourning - and to mark the extreme risk facing our planet. The motion is not expected to pass as conservatives will vote against making this a sad and dangerous time for Ontario

And please let your MPP know you want them to vote in favour - and not only vote - but act on the climate crisis. We need a real climate plan for Ontario - one that does our part for staying under 1.5C temperature rise. You can find our Peoples Climate Plan here:


416-325-1941 or or @fordnation

Environment minister Rod Phillips: Tel   905-427-2060 (constituency office)    @rodphillips01

Find your MPP here:

This is a good time to write letters to the editor: 150 words, to the point, and in response to articles or op eds in the paper. There’s a letter to the editor e-list that Citizens Climate Lobby keeps and we can refer you to that list (for links to respond to - email to join) and there’s a letter-writing resource on our ClimateFast website:

also comment on radio shows: please email and call for emergency climate action to be covered on the radio 

Today’s vote is very important! Please take to have your voice heard. And do come early, 12 noon, if you can be there in person.

Thank you for everything you are doing. We are making a difference! We need action on climate - fast!