Wednesday October 17, 12pm


Bill 4 is now at the Committee Stage and the government is holding public hearings Monday, October 15 and Wednesday, October 17, 2018.  


Many individuals and groups, including ClimateFast, were denied an opportunity to make an oral submission at the hearings.  


Most particularly the voice of young people are not being heard.  They will face the results of our inaction on climate through extreme weather and food crises.


We are handing the costs of inaction on to the youngest citizens and that is unfair.  


Join us at noon at Queen's Park!


We will be holding signs up showing the age our participants will be in 2040 when the worst impacts really start to hit, according to the recent IPCC report. 


You can also come earlier in the day: 


      1) To listen to the presentation in committee 9 – 10:15 

      2) To listen to question period in the Legislature – 10:30 


We will be inviting the media and we must show that citizens are concerned: please join us! 


FOR MORE INFORMATION – lyn@climatefast.ca, 416-731-6605,  www.climatefast.ca/vocal