We encourage you to join in a day of fasting on the first of each month (food or carbon), as you are able.
Please food fast only if you are in good health. Unless you are an experienced faster, do not abstain from food for more than a day or two. Read our guidelines and consult your physician if you have questions or concerns.

Food Fast

A three-page guide to food-fasting is available as a PDF here. It briefly describes:

  • what fasting is
  • who can fast, and who shouldn't
  • different types and durations of fasts
  • some factors to consider when deciding whether or not to fast
  • how to prepare for a fast
  • how to do a fast
  • how to break a fast
  • common physical symptoms during an extended fast
  • physical benefits of fasting

Watch these short videos on the impact of eating less meat. We can reduce GHG emissions by changing our dietary habits - i.e. by cutting down on meat consumption.

Carbon Fast

Backgrounder on Canadian household greenhouse gas emissions.

Many resources exist for a carbon fast, and for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in daily life. Among them:

Here are some faith-based resources:

Design your own fast

Food Fast Carbon fast

Do without a favourite food.

Give up eating meat once a week.

Eat no more than one meat meal a day.

Give up meat or poultry.

Reduce intake to 2 meals or 1 meal / day.

Gandhian style fast: no solid food; water, tea and juice could be allowed

Do not embark on a full food fast without consulting with your doctor.

Do not idle your car.

Give up using car.

Use transit, ride a bike, walk as often as possible.

Use less water; shower using navy shower technique; shower less often. Sponge bathe.

Conserve household energy. (e.g. Launder with cold water. Reduce phantom load.)

Stay cool without air conditioning.

Turn down your thermostat a degree or 2 in winter.

Give up unnecessary flights.

Give up flying.

You can donate the money you save by fasting to a climate or hunger relief organization, or to assist in defraying the costs of ClimateFast.

Write a blog, make a video, organize your own event during ClimateFast.

Let us know about your event by using the contact form