April 20th to April 23rd (Details to come)



We are inviting Canadians to write letters, hold events, and meet with their MP to press for climate action. In the fall of 2014, ClimateFast stood on Parliament Hill for four days, and met with MPs, bringing our total of committed MPs to 123.  Is your MP among those pledging to work in Parliament for Climate Action? Look at the pledged MPs.


ClimateFast invites you to consider fasting one day per month to draw attention to the urgency of climate action.  This could be a food fast or a carbon fast.  Those of us who fast on the 1st are doing so in solidarity with the International Fast for the Climate. (see left side panel).  Your actions of letter writing, talking with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, holding events in your community are helping to support action on the climate - FAST.


This is a critical year for climate action. On Dec 1st climate talks in Lima Peru will set the groundwork for a new and binding agreement to replace the Kyoto Accord in Paris in 2015.  We will also have a federal election in Canada in 2015 and that election will determine what kind of action takes place in Canada and what platform our negotiators will take to Paris in 2015.


Please write a letter to your MP, using our sample letter, to call upon your MP to work to:

  • end fossil fuel subsidies

  • put a price on carbon

  • support the development of a renewable energy plan for Canada

If your MP has signed the pledge, thank your MP and then ask your MP to get their party leader to sign. You may wish to add just how urgent this is Fossil fuels should be ‘phased out by 2100’ says IPCC.

If your MP has not pledged, please urge your MP to sign the pledge. Addresses to copy to party leaders, ministers and critics are provided on the letter tab.



  • Fast to remind ourselves about our aim to inspire people and decision makers in Canada to find the courage and wisdom to press for, and put into action, the urgent measures needed to assure a safe, future climate for all. You can see a background on our reasons to fast.

  • Write letters to your political representatives, to emphasize that they must put into action the urgent measures needed to assure a safe climate; MPs do not receive many letters, so when a single MP receives at least 15 letters on the same concern, they notice. Your letter matters.

  • Write letters to the editor of our local newspapers with the same demands.

  • Hold a community event, such as a screening of a documentary like 'Do the Math', 'Disruption' or 'Chasing Ice’ or to host a letter writing night.  We have provided links to resources and would be pleased to work with you on setting up an event in your community.  Can you organize one in your community?  Please use the contact form to let us know of any events that you are organizing.

  • Tell your friends, colleagues and neighbours that you are fasting and why.

  • Make a donation to help cover ClimateFast expenses (e.g. promotional materials).