In this third year of ClimateFast in Canada we will fast on the first day of the month as part of a world-wide initiative to draw attention to the misery we are unleashing on our children and on this living planet, and to call for urgent action. Yeb Saño, the Filipino delegate at the COP19 UN Summit in Warsaw began to fast in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan during the Climate Summit. In solidarity, individuals and organizations have come together to continue a monthly day of fasting and action until the international climate conference, COP21, in Paris in 2015 or until such time as a comprehensive international climate plan is put in place.

In Canada we continue our appeal to Canada's policy makers to take immediate steps to:

  • end fossil fuel subsidies
  • put a price on carbon
  • support the development of a renewable energy plan for Canada

Put Climate First on the First of the Month

Send a message to governments that people from all walks of life, rich and poor, want to work together with government to take climate action now. Already, millions of people have lost their homes and their livelihoods as a result of climate change. We want to ensure a sustainable planet for future generations. Yet governments around the world, and especially Canada, fail to act to stop carbon pollution. We believe a renewable energy revolution is not only possible, but will produce many economic and health benefits for people all over the world. JOIN OUR FAST!


We want Action on Climate - Fast!

Make the First a letter-writing day to your political representatives, reminding them that they must put into action the urgent measures needed to assure a safe climate.

It is a day to write letters to the editor of our local newspapers with the same demands.

It is a day to hold a community event, such as a screening of a documentary like 'Do the Math' or 'Chasing Ice’ or to host a letter writing night. We have provided links to resources and would be pleased to work with you on setting up an event in your community.

It is a day to tell your friends, colleagues and neighbours that you are fasting and why.

Our action is a peaceful and hopeful one. We aim to inspire people and decision makers in Canada to find the courage and wisdom to press for, and put into action, the urgent measures needed to assure a safe, future climate for all.

ClimateFast is planning to be on Parliament Hill for the third year in a row to collect and/or renew pledges from parliamentarians in the Fall. We will be in Ottawa from Sunday, September 28 to Thursday, October 2, 2014. Please consider joining us there.

Together we can make these urgently needed changes a reality for our shared future.

Please join us by making a pledge in solidarity with ClimateFast to support these actions

Please consider making a donation to help cover ClimateFast expenses. It would be most welcome.

For background on our reasons for fasting click here.