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Help build the climate movement! Volunteer for ClimateFast!
Volunteer for data entry, petitioning, writing letters to the editor, meeting with politicians, promotion, media,  outreach and events.
We work at the municipal, provincial and federal levels and with Fridaysforfuture, a youth climate strike inspired by Greta Thunberg in Sweden. 

Please indicate your interest, and skills.


Letter writing

Letters to the editor, and call-ins to talk shows can be very effective in bringing our concerns to public attention. All politicians’ offices track the letters to the editor and many shows, like CBC’s the Current, read letters on air. When a newspaper or radio show receives a number of letters or calls on an issue, this raises the likelihood they will print one. Letters in response to a current editorial or feature article, or major media story, have the most likelihood of being printed, and it helps to keep the length to 150 words or less. Learn More


Background information

For more information on the science behind Climate Change and other useful articles click here.