Climate change is simple: We do something or we’re screwed

David Roberts is staff writer at He presented this talk at TEDx in April. 2012.

The slideshow can be viewed at

This talk was a consequence of David Robert talking smack on Twitter. He said he could explain climate change in 15 minutes and was then invited to do so. D’oh!

The challenge he took on was to convey the gist of his “brutal logic of climate change” post in a reasonably short amount of time, using as little scientific jargon as possible. Just: there is a problem that calls for urgent action. Business-as-usual means disaster.

This is all gloom and doom — not even much humor. He knows that turns people off or shuts them down. He knows people need to feel a sense of hope and efficacy. He knows — indeed, has recently been writing — that we need a vision of a sustainable future. But he needed to do his own version of “Danger Will Robinson!” Just to get it on the record.