Frances Deverell

I am a retired Unitarian Minister volunteering in the community in Ottawa. I am devoting my volunteer energy to the vision of the beloved community that I cherish. I am involved in several arenas to make my contribution:

  • I am the president of the Canadian Unitarians For Social Justice ( Action on the environment and climate change is a top priority of our board.

  • I am a founding board member of Transforming Communities, an organization dedicated to building our capacity for non-violent communication, mutual respect, and restorative justice.

  • I am a member of the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa

  • This year I committed to being on the core team for ClimateFast.

  • I’m a supporter of organizations like USC Canada, Childhaven International, and Fair Vote Canada and the Transition Movement that are working hard to show us the way.

This is the year we can expect the arctic ice cap to be open water for the first time in September. When that happens, the arctic waters will start absorbing the sun’s heat instead of reflecting it, and the earth’s warming will increase exponentially. It is hard to imagine what our world will be like when devastating weather events will be occurring around the world every year.

Will we break into massive conflicts for oil and water and any other resources? Will military dictatorships be the rule? Or will we care for one another and help each other? Will we solve our problems democratically? I want to see the people of the world empower themselves and use their creativity to build the world of the future with a sustainable lifestyle on this precious earth.

I hope you help us by spreading the word to your family, friends, faith communities, and workplaces. The transformation to a new lifestyle must begin today. Make your own start. Take the pledge.


Rev. Frances Leigh Deverell